Build a nursing career you love; not one you settle for…

Figuring out the next steps in growing your nursing career can seem overwhelming…

But it doesn’t have to be.
It is time to clarify and strategize what brings you joy and what gets you a seat at the table. Let’s get your voice heard and your experience or projects shining in the workplace

It’s time to get clear direction and stop feeling frustrated about the next steps in your career growth.

I’m Bonnie Meadows, a Board board-certified clinical Nurse Specialist, Influential Leader & Career Coach

I am here to make thriving in your nursing career achievable for you!!

Since 2004, when I joined the nursing and healthcare profession, I have found myself ready to take the next step but feeling stuck. 

I reached a point where I dreaded going to work. I felt burnt out and unmotivated. Deep down, I knew I always wanted something else, but I had no clue how to advance myself, even with the hope of a graduate degree. 

I finally realized that growing in nursing is about the journey, not the destination. I stopped looking for a specific job to fill my cup.

I developed a coaching framework I frequently implemented to get the clarity I needed for my career and catapulted me into areas of nursing and healthcare I never imagined. I am sharing it all with you.